Shot Psychology is an introductory body of knowledge that filmmakers can use to enhance the expressive power of their work. It was written by a filmmaker for filmmakers and students. The book reviews over 300 filmmaking techniques and concepts with their associated effects and organizes them in an easy-to-access reference guide. It is meant to be an encyclopedia of meaning for filmmaking.

The true innovation of the book is the Master List, which could stand on its own as a separate book. It takes over 550 effects, then references the techniques that help create those effects. In this way, you can quickly look up the effect you are trying to create, then easily find the associated techniques. To our knowledge, there are no other filmmaking books designed this way, that is, from the desired effect to the associated techniques. For example, if you want to create the effect of anxiety, you would look it up in the Master List and find that there are 20 possible techniques you can use to help create anxiety. And if you have a question or do not understand how the technique relates to the effect, you can learn more about the technique in the Reference section of the book.

The book is written in a clear and concise way and contains valuable and original insights on the art and craft of filmmaking.

The book's author, Greg Keast, is a self-taught filmmaker living in Hawaii. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, two master's degrees, and has over ten years of experience in filmmaking, photography, and writing. In 2011, he helped start the Hawaii Film School and remains actively involved in teaching. He can be reached directly at admin@hifilmschool.com.